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Field Linguistics Workshop 2019 schedule


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29 May (Wed.) (Already held)

Technical workshop: Field note taking (2): Methods of utilizing digital devices

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10 and 17 July (Wed.) (Already held)

Field linguistics workshop: Technical workshop: How to design an effective research poster

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24 September (Tue.)

Grammatical Studies Workshops: Language games and phonology (1)

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Late October

Technical Workshops: Basic and advanced text manipulation: search, replace, grep and sort


Grammatical Studies Workshops: Writing better abstracts for conference presentations

January, 2020

Technical Workshops: Data management for field linguistics

January, 2020

Grammatical Studies Workshops: Language games and phonology (2)

26–28 January, 2020 (Wed.–Fri.)

Field Linguistics Workshop: Spring Festa 2020

Field Linguistics Workshop

ILCAA offers various workshops on field linguistics aimed mainly at junior researchers such as graduate students and post-doctoral researchers. The workshops aim to offer lectures and training that are useful for documenting and describing under-studied and under-documented languages.
LingDy3 project play a central role in conceptualizing and conducting the workshops.
There are two kinds of the workshops.

  • Grammatical Studies Workshops:Workshops on various grammatical topics.
  • Technical Workshops:Workshops on technical issues concerning field linguistics, such as managing and processing linguistic data.

Field Linguistics Workshop


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