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Technical workshop: “How to design an effective research poster”


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ILCAA offers various workshops on field linguistics aimed mainly at junior researchers such as graduate students and post-doctoral researchers. The workshops aim to offer lectures and training that are useful for documenting and describing under-studied and under-documented languages.

*If you would like to attend the workshop, please fill out the application form below by 12:00 p.m., 9 July (Tue.).


10 July, 2019 (Wed.), 13:00–16:00
17 July, 2019 (Wed.), 13:00–16:00

*If you attend this workshop, you would be required to attend both days.
*We would welcome even only the first day’s participation. (as of 5 July)


Room 304, 3F, ILCAA, TUFS


  • Hayato AOI (ILCAA Research Associate)
  • Tomoyo OTSUKI (ILCAA Research Associate)

Main Topics

In this workshop, we think what a “good” poster presentation is. Recently, many academic conferences on linguistics include poster presentations in their program. However, we can get little information on the research poster such as what to be prepared, how to design it, or how to present effectively. In this workshop, we will discuss about them, and each participant will create each poster during the workshop.

1st day 10 July (Wed.)

  1. Hayato AOI (ILCAA/NINJAL)
    “Things to keep in mind for an effective poster presentation”
  2. Tomoyo OTSUKI (ILCAA)
    “Poster design tips for communicating your research effectively”

2nd day 17 July (Wed.)

Practice presentation with participants’ posters
Organizer: Hayato AOI (ILCAA/NINJAL), Tomoyo OTSUKI (ILCAA)






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Core Project “Linguistic Dynamics Science3 (LingDy3)”, ILCAA, TUFS

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