Past Projects - DocLing

Documentary Linguistics Workshop (DocLing) was a one-week workshop held annually from 2008 to 2016 that focused on the documentation of endangered languages. We have invited leading scholars in documentation linguistics as our lecturers, such as Peter Austin and David Nathan, and held lectures on the theory and implementation of language documentation to junior scholars in the field of descriptive linguistics in Japan.

The synopsis of the DocLing workshops is summarized in Asian and African Languages and Linguistics (AALL) Vol. 11.

DocLing2013 – Video Digest

DocLing2013 – Video List

1. Introduction to Language Documentation / Peter AUSTIN (46分)

2. Planning Language Documentation / Anthony JUKES (28分)

3. Public Lecture: Rethinking Language Documentation and Support for the 21st Century / Peter AUSTIN, David NATHAN, Anthony JUKES (84分)

4. Ethics and Working with Communities / Anna BERGE (guest presenter) (50分)

5. Audio & Video I / David NATHAN (61分)

6. Audio & Video II / Anthony JUKES (45分)

7. Fieldwork techniques & Elicitation / Sonja RIESBERG (80分)

8. Data Management I / David NATHAN (68分)

9. Data Management II / David NATHAN (62分)

10. Multimedia & Mobilisation / Anthony JUKES, David NATHAN, Zhargal BADAGAROV (reporter) (63分)

11. Photography in Language Documentation / Hideo SAWADA (50分)