Joint Research Projects

Cross-linguistic Perspective on the Information Structure of the Austronesian Languages (2013.04-2016.03)


About the Project

Project term: April, 2013–March, 2016

This project uses a theoretical model to clarify the interaction between information structure (pragmatics) and grammar in Austronesian Languages from a cross-linguistic point of view. The interaction among languages may vary, so the co-researchers are requested to indicate the kinds of interaction found within each language. These will be categorized into several types, after which the types that are frequently observed within Austronesian languages will be determined. In addition, the patterns of interaction in non-Austronesian languages will also be discussed. Moreover, we compare the interactions found in Austronesian languages and those frequently occurring in non-Austronesian languages to distinguish typologically universal phenomena from specifically Austronesian ones. Furthermore, the influence of language contact on the interaction between pragmatics and syntax in Austronesian languages will be examined.

Atsuko UTSUMI Project Coordinator (Meisei University)

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