Joint Research Projects

Constructing a research network for documenting minority languages in and around Indonesia (2014.04-2017.03)


About the Project

Project term: April, 2014–March, 2017

The area in and around Indonesia is known is linguistic and cultural variety. But many regional languages spoken there are drastically decreasing the number of their speakers because of the language shift to the national language or a more dominant regional language. It is urgent necessary to document such languages to preserve the linguistic data that is precious both to the linguists and the language community. This project is to construct a network between the speakers of the said languages, domestic researchers, and foreign researchers and conduct substantial documentation of the languages. Holding the seminars on language documentation at the domestic research institute and collaborative work on collecting, editing, storing, and publishing the language data with the language speakers will be planned.

Asako SHIOHARA, Project Coordinator (ILCAA)

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