Joint Research Projects

Assessing Micro Level Linkages between Humans, Livestock, and the Environment in Amdo, Tibet: The Outgrowth of the Compilationof an Ethnographic Dictionary of Nomadic Vocabulary (2014.04-2017.03)


About the Project

Project term: April, 2014–March, 2017

Nowadays, the nomadic pastoral lifestyle on the Tibetan High Plateau is facing the huge impact of “sedentarization” and “rationalization” by the national policy of the Chinese central government. In this joint research, we will approach the micro-life knowledge of the nomadic herders in the Amdo (Qinghai) Tibet region through nomadic vocabulary collection using multidisciplinary research, such as linguistics, anthropology, religious studies, ecology, and literature. By summarizing the results of our research into a compact dictionary, we will build a mutually complementary analysis about the macro level of grassland ecology and also make a contribution to local society in expectation of future restoration of pastoral life in this region and aim to contribute to the local community.

Izumi HOSHI, Project Coordinator (ILCAA)

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