Date:2017.02.13[Mon]- 03.11[Sat]

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Exhibition “Wisdom and Works of Tibetan Pastoralists”


*This event has already been held.


Agriculture and livestock farming have been practiced in Tibet since ancient times owing to the elevation and characteristics of the land. Farmers and pastoralists differ in the ways in which they earn their livelihoods, and there are also differences in their thinking and customs. In addition, repeated changes in other factors, such as religion, history, politics, and economics, have given form to a variety of different cultures. In order to understand the background of this multilayered Tibetan civilization, it is critical to have a perspective that looks at the living of the common people, whose ways of life are rooted in the land itself. This exhibition introduces the “present” state of pastoralists living with their livestock in the Amdo region of Northeast Tibet from a variety of perspectives.Period


13 February, 2017 (Mon.) – 11 March, 2017 (Sat.) 10:00–17:00
Closed: Saturdays and Sundays
(Except, open on 18 February (Sat.), 19 February (Sun.) and 11 March (Sat.))



Jointly Organized by

  • Core Project “Linguistic Dynamics Science3 (LingDy3)”, ILCAA, TUFS
  • ILCAA Joint Research Project “Assessing Micro Level Linkages between Humans, Livestock, and the Environment in Amdo, Tibet: The Outgrowth of the Compilation of an Ethnographic Dictionary of Nomadic Vocabulary”
  • Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) “Compilation of an ethnographic dictionary of Tibetan nomadic vocabulary based on the study of Tibetan nomads’ wisdom of living” (Principal Investigator: Izumi Hoshi (ILCAA),  Grant Number 15H03203)