Joint Research Projects

An Inter-disciplinary Approach to the Diversity and Dynamics of Swahili Varieties (2018.04-2021.03)


About the Project

Project term: April, 2018–March, 2021

This project aims to investigate the modern (and historical) varieties of Swahili as one of Africa’s major lingua francae spoken in vast areas of East Africa and to approach the dynamism of its geographicaland historical diversification through an interdisciplinary approach consisting mainly of linguistics and social anthropology. Based on the tradition of linguistic study of Swahili, we will establish a novel research platform of Swahili variation study by integrating currently developed frameworks such as intra-Bantu microparametric typology and practice-based approach to multilingual situations in urban Africa.

Daisuke SHINAGAWA, Project Coordinator (Associate Professor, ILCAA)

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