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iOS/Android App: “LingDyTalk”


Yasuhiro YAMAKOSHI and Norikazu KOGURA

LingDyTalk is an audio playing application developed with the support of the Linguistic Dynamic Science Project 3. This application provides a simple interface for playing back audio data stored on a server. The application plays back audio based on the capture of numerals by the built-in camera of a smartphone. When a numeral such as the page number of a book is captured, the app plays back the audio linked to that numeral.

To install the app, click the following banner.

AppStoreで入手Get it on Google Play

How to Play Back the Sound

  1. Capture QR code or input the ISBN number of each book or printed material.
  2. Capture or input the page number.
  3. Press the play [▶] button.

Sound List

At the moment, we can listen to sound materials of minority languages listed below: