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Online Text of Mongolic Languages



This project aims to build an online text database of Mongolic languages. You can browse, hear, and search the recorded data.

(This content is published as an outcome of Information Resources Center (IRC) Project.)


This project was featured in a topical article on the IRC website as quoted below.

The IRC project “Structuring online text database for Mongolic languages,” started in 2020, is proceeding with building of an online text database based on linguistic corpora of Mongolic languages which the project manager has published. As an outcome, we launched “Online Text of Mongolic Languages” in November 2020.

This resource records text materials with grammatical analyses on Shinekhen Buryat, Khamnigan Mongolian and Khorchin Mongolian, with sound data. You can search items in original text, grammatical gloss, Japanese translation, and English translation of the languages and/or the text you selected on the website (AND searching available). If you want to search some morphemes in original texts, you can use the software keyboard for phonemes.

As for Shinekhen Buryat, we published ten folktales such as “A Swan and a Hunter” and “Old Man and Old Woman with a Spotted Cow.” In addition, in order to collect the sentences, we used the questionnaire Translation of daily conversation in common for the three languages, which the research group for the Mongolic languages of Inner Mongolia University prepared in the 1980s. The corpora also enable you to make a comparison of the phrases.

The corpora disclose only materials published by the project manager now. However, it is also designed to record any text materials with analyses on other Mongolic languages collected by other researchers, and expected of a wide range of use.

(Written by Yasuhiro YAMAKOSHI and Mayumi ADACHI)