Joint Research Projects

A Typological Study of the Areal Lexicon of Mainland Southeast Asia (2019.04-2022.03)


About the Project

Project term: April, 2019–March, 2022

This project, which involves the collaboration of researchers studying minority languages across mainland Southeast Asia, is a typologically oriented study toward understanding the areal lexicon of mainland Southeast Asia. This study aims to provide a new description of typologically interesting lexical features in the region, including folk taxonomy, color, and kinship terms, fine distinctions in certain semantic domains, elaborate expressions, psycho-collocations, etc. The research attempts to contribute to lexical typology, areal, and contact linguistics, ethnobiology, and a compilation of a new linguistic questionnaire specified for use in mainland Southeast Asian linguistics.

Keita KURABE, Project Coordinator (Assistant Professor, ILCAA)

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