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The International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019: Perspectives Conference


Asako Shiohara, Hayato Aoi, Tokusu Kurebito, Toshihide Nakayama, Tomoyo Otsuki, Daisuke Shinagawa, Yasuhiro Yamakoshi, members of LingDy3 project, gave presentations at “the International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019: Perspectives Conference”, held at Purdue University Fort Wayne (Fort Wayne, Indiana, U.S.) on 31 October–2 November (Fri.–Sun.).

31 October

Linguistic Dynamics Science Project (LingDy) at ILCAA Panel: The Japanese Initiative to Build Collaborative Network for Documentation of Under-studied Languages (in Africa, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Russia)

Chairs: Honoré WATANABE and Toshihide NAKAYAMA


  • Daisuke SHINAGAWA, Yuko ABE, and Seunghun LEE
    “Collaborating to document linguistic diversity in African contexts”


  • Yanti, Asako SHIOHARA, Peter COLE, and Gabriella HERMON
    “Efforts in documenting endangered languages in linguistically diverse locales: Searching for better approaches”


  • Keita KURABE and Lu Aung
    “Kachin Orature Project: Documentation, maintenance, and revitalization of the oral heritage in northern Myanmar”


  • Tokusu KUREBITO and Jargal BADAGAROV
    “Documentation of Siberian Indigenous Languages: The case of Buryad and Chukchi”

Two attempts to secure the future of Ainu—online Ainu materials and descriptions in Ainu (Panel)


  • Chair: Yasuhiro YAMAKOSHI


  • Osami OKUDA, Yasuhiro YAMAKOSHI, Miki KOBAYASHI, and Mika FUKAZAWA
    “Online audio materials of the Ainu language collected in the latter half of the twentieth century: For future generations of Ainu and the research community”

Endangered languages in Japan: Focus on the Ryukyuan languages and dialects of Tohoku districts (Panel)


  • Hayato AOI and Toshihide NAKAYAMA
    “Actions for revitalizing the endangered languages and dialects in Japan”


  • Tomoyo OTSUKI and Hiroyuki SHIRAIWA
    “Attempts to describe a mother tongue in Aomori and Fukushima, the northeastern region of Japan”

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