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The International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019: Perspectives Conference


*UNESCO has released its report “Evaluation of UNESCO’s action to revitalize and promote indigenous languages: within the framework of the International Year of Indigenous Languages”. “The 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages” is highlighted in it. Please see here. (Updated 17 May, 2021)

Asako Shiohara, Hayato Aoi, Tokusu Kurebito, Toshihide Nakayama, Tomoyo Otsuki, Daisuke Shinagawa, Yasuhiro Yamakoshi, members of LingDy3 project, gave presentations at “the International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019: Perspectives Conference”, held at Purdue University Fort Wayne (Fort Wayne, Indiana, U.S.) on 31 October–2 November (Fri.–Sun.).

31 October

Linguistic Dynamics Science Project (LingDy) at ILCAA Panel: The Japanese Initiative to Build Collaborative Network for Documentation of Under-studied Languages (in Africa, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Russia)

Chairs: Honoré WATANABE and Toshihide NAKAYAMA


  • Daisuke SHINAGAWA, Yuko ABE, and Seunghun LEE
    “Collaborating to document linguistic diversity in African contexts”


  • Yanti, Asako SHIOHARA, Peter COLE, and Gabriella HERMON
    “Efforts in documenting endangered languages in linguistically diverse locales: Searching for better approaches”


  • Keita KURABE and Lu Aung
    “Kachin Orature Project: Documentation, maintenance, and revitalization of the oral heritage in northern Myanmar”


  • Tokusu KUREBITO and Jargal BADAGAROV
    “Documentation of Siberian Indigenous Languages: The case of Buryad and Chukchi”

Two attempts to secure the future of Ainu—online Ainu materials and descriptions in Ainu (Panel)


  • Chair: Yasuhiro YAMAKOSHI


  • Osami OKUDA, Yasuhiro YAMAKOSHI, Miki KOBAYASHI, and Mika FUKAZAWA
    “Online audio materials of the Ainu language collected in the latter half of the twentieth century: For future generations of Ainu and the research community”

Endangered languages in Japan: Focus on the Ryukyuan languages and dialects of Tohoku districts (Panel)


  • Hayato AOI and Toshihide NAKAYAMA
    “Actions for revitalizing the endangered languages and dialects in Japan”


  • Tomoyo OTSUKI and Hiroyuki SHIRAIWA
    “Attempts to describe a mother tongue in Aomori and Fukushima, the northeastern region of Japan”

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