Database of Dr. Tsuchida’s Formosan Language Materials




This website contains information about the materials in 16 Formosan languages (in Taiwan) collected by Dr Shigeru Tsuchida (1934-) between 1968 and 1989 (Tsuchida Taiwanese Formosan Language Materials).

The database consist primarily of field notes and audiocassette recordings. The notes contain vocabulary, sentences and monologues (stories) of natural speech with their meanings and annotations. The tapes contain not only the contents of the above notes, but also audio data of conversations and songs.

*This content is published as an outcome of Information Resources Center (IRC) Project.

This project was featured in a topical article on the IRC website, as quoted below.

The IRC project “Building  Database of Dr. Tsuchida’s Formosan Languages Materials” started in 2022, has been digitizing the Formosan languages materials collected by Dr. Shigeru Tsuchida (1934-). As an outcome, we released the online resource “Dr. Tsuchida’s Materials on Formosan Languages” (in Japanese) in March 2023.

Dr. Tsuchida conducted field research in 16 aboriginal languages in Taiwan between 1968 and 1989 and recorded a vast amount of data. In this project, we have received from Dr. Tsuchida the linguistic materials resulting from his research, and have been digitizing them and creating metadata for them.

His materials consist primarily of field notes, which include word and sentence examples, as well as spontaneous speech transcriptions, and corresponding tape recordings. This online resource provides metadata for these materials.

(Written by Asako SHIOHARA and Mayumi ADACHI)

(Posted 16 April, 2024)