Date:2018.12.12[Wed]- 2019.02.15[Fri]

Training Workshops / Techinical Workshops
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Course of workshop on “software for documentary linguistics”


This course of workshops aims to provide researchers and students with basic knowledge relating to two software programs which are used in the documentation and description process of lesser-studied languages.

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  • 1st workshop: 12 December, 2018 (Wed.) 14:00–16:00
  • 2nd workshop: 9 January, 2019 (Wed.) 14:00–16:00
  • 3rd workshop: 15 February, 2019 (Fri.) 14:00–16:00


  • 1st and 2nd workshop: Room 304, 3F, ILCAA, TUFS
  • 3rd workshop: Room 306, 3F, ILCAA, TUFS


Timothy BRICKELL (ILCAA Fellow, The University of Melbourne )


For details, please see here

1st workshop     *Already held



2nd workshop


3rd workshop

Using ELAN and FLEx together.


Up to 15 participants for each workshop





Sponsored by

Core Project “Linguistic Dynamics Science3” (LingDy3), ILCAA, TUFS

General Inquiries

LingDy3 Project Administrative Office
E-mail: info-lingdy[at] (Please replace [at] with @)


Please see here and fill out the application form below. Deadlines are;


1st workshop: 10 December, 2018
2nd workshop: 7 January, 2019
3rd workshop: 13 February, 2019


  • Application will be closed as soon as each workshop reaches its capacity.
  • Participants are required to bring their own laptop and are encouraged to bring their own linguistic data.
  • For the first two workshops no knowledge of either program is necessary. The third workshop requires some knowledge of ELAN and FLEx.
  • Please note that the FLEx workshops are only available to attendees whose laptops are running the Microsoft Windows operating system.

*Please make sure to write down which workshop you want to join in the remarks column.
(ex. “all workshops”, “the first and second workshops”, “the second workshop”)

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