Date:2011.11.11[Fri]- 11.13[Sun]

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International Workshop on Cross-Linguistic Studies on Clause Combining 2011


*This event has already been held.

This workshop brings together linguists working on typologically diverse languages to carry out cross-linguistic studies on clause combining. The workshop investigates clause combining of various types across typologically different languages in order to examine the diversity, types, and commonality of the phenomenon.

Honoré WATANABE, Project Coordinator (ILCAA)

This workshop is the 6th meeting of the ILCAA Joint Research Project “Cross-Linguistic Studies on Clause Combining”.


11 (Fri.)–13 (Sun.) November, 2011


Room 304, Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (ILCAA), Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS)


11 November (Fri.)
Special Talks

15:30–15:40 Opening
15:40–17:00 Areal Characteristics of Inner Asian Clauses
Arienne M. DWYER (University of Kansas / ILCAA Joint Researcher)
Abstract (63KB)
17:15–18:30 Marking Syntactic Complexity: Some internal and external processes of development

Marianne MITHUN (University of California, Santa Barbara / ILCAA Joint Researcher)
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19:00–21:00 Reception (University Center)
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12 November (Sat.)

10:00–10:15 Opening
10:15–11:05 Clause Combining and Insubordination in Kupsapiny, a Southern Nilotic Language of Uganda
Kazuhiro KAWACHI (National Defense Academy of Japan / ILCAA Joint Researcher)
11:10–12:00 Insubordination in Aleut
Anna BERGE (University of Alaska, Fairbanks / ILCAA Joint Researcher)
Abstract (66KB)
12:00–13:15 Lunch
13:15–14:05 Varying Degrees of Dependency in Clause Linking in Sliammon Salish
Abstract (428KB)
14:10–15:00 Shifting Degrees of Finiteness: Definitization, Refinitzation, and Emancipation
Marianne MITHUN (University of California, Santa Barbara / ILCAA Joint Researcher)
Abstract (66KB)
15:00–15:30 Tea break
15:30–16:20 Jussive and Purpose Clause in Sumbawa, an Indonesian Language
Abstract (107KB)
16:25–17:15 Insubordination as modal vagueness: unspecified attitudes and unanchored minds
Nicholas EVANS (Australian National University / ILCAA Joint Researcher)
17:15–17:30 Discussion

13 November (Sun.)

10:00–10:50 Complement Constructions with Perception Verbs in Kolyma Yukaghir
Abstract (463KB)
10:55–11:45 Clause Reduction and Pragmatic Preference in Japanese
Shigehiro KATO (Hokkaido University / ILCAA Joint Researcher)
Abstract (79KB)
11:45–13:00 Lunch
13:00–13:50 Verbals and Suspended Clauses in Altaic-type Languages
Shinjiro KAZAMA (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies / ILCAA Joint Researcher)
13:55–14:45 Diachronic and Synchronic Insubordination in Turkic and Mongolic
Arienne M. DWYER (University of Kansas / ILCAA Joint Researcher)
Abstract (56KB)
14:45–15:15 Discussion
15:15–15:25 Closing